Friday, January 28, 2011

Brooklyn Brewery

Happy Friday! Finally...the day we have all been waiting for.

My friends and I had always wanted to visit the Brooklyn Brewery - our beloved alma mater Lehigh University held an event last weekend so a date and time were set for us. We arrived at 2PM and enjoyed a few beers before the line became ridiculously long. $20 for 6 beers, not bad!

Unfortunately most areas of the brewery were shut down for the tour due to renovations, but that was okay because we were freeeeeeezing. We ordered pizza for delivery to the brewery and then traveled back to the East Village and stayed out until 2AM. Followed by more pizza. (Bad idea!)

The next day we recovered by watching football and feasted on a Thanksgiving-esque dinner. Thank God I have friends that are great cooks. I wish I could say that I contributed to making this!

This weekend I'm traveling to New Haven with the girls to visit our newly engaged BFF. Can't wait!


  1. looks like you had so much fun! hope you have a great weekend up in New Haven! xoxo {av}

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I am your newest follower!



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