Thursday, January 27, 2011

How To Clean Hunter Boots

Before & After
If you own a pair of Hunter wellies you are well aware of the fact they develop a white residue over time. According to Hunter, it's a wax that "blooms" to the surface when exposed to certain elements. I hadn't worn mine for over a year and needed to break them out when all of the snow first hit the Northeast. They looked awful! Here are the steps to take to clean your boots so they look like new.

What you will need:
Goo Gone
Hunter Boot Buffer Spray (available at Nordstrom or Zappos) or McNett UV Tech
Paper Towels or Cloth

Step 1: Rinse your boots off with lukewarm water to get rid of any debris. Let them completely air dry.
Step 2: Once the boots are dry, wipe your boots down with Goo Gone to remove the white film. I just squirted the cleaner directly on the boots and then wiped with paper towels.

Step 3: To protect your boots, spray them down with either Hunter Boot Buffer Spray or McNett UV Tech (spray them outside). This will protect them from "blooming" again.

Step 4: Invest in some matching fleece socks to keep you warm!

It's going to be messy today in the city with all the snow (mystery puddles), these boots will be essential.


  1. CUTE Wellies!! I haven't seen them in this brown yet and I AM IN LOVE!! Esp with the matching inserts!! Cute blog!!

  2. Thank you for posting! The pictures are great. My Hunter boots just arrived and are already blooming, and I can't wait to clean them with your tutorial instructions. Great blog!


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