Sunday, January 30, 2011

Countdown to Super Bowl Sunday

"Go Steelers" Polyvore
One week until the big game... who will you be rooting for? I am a proud New York Football Giants fan but will be rooting for the Steelers next Sunday. I have a few friends that are Pittsburgh fans so I am happy to support. Hey, as long as I'm not rooting for Boston or Philly teams it's all good. (Boyfriend is a Boston fan...ha ha)

The Black-Eyed Pease will be starring in the half time show, I don't particularly care. Nothing beats 2001!

Superbowl XXXV - 2001

Who could forget this epic Super Bowl half-time show?!? Relive Walk This Way. (Thank you Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake for ruining all future pop collaborations.)

Anyway...I came across the perfect treat for Steeler's fans - Terrible Towel™ Chocolate Bars. They are available from Tello, a company located outside of Pittsburgh.

What will you be bringing to the party? It has become my annual responsibility to fill the musical football snack bowl. I'm obsessed with how it plays the Fox NFL theme music upon open. Seriously, it's awesome.

P.S. Thanks to all my new followers! :)

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  1. how cute is that vineyard vines tie!?! I'm not rooting for either team...I'm a Colts fan married to a Pats fan ;) not sure what I'm bringing yet...but I do love the superbowl commercials! xoxo {av}


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