Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kate's Dress Under Lock & Key

I am loving the hype over the royal wedding. Back in college I interned at a national bridal magazine and since have been obsessed with wedding dresses, shoes and all the details. I think just about every top designer has been asked to sketch what they envision Kate wearing on the big day. I'm sure she'll surprise us all. Can you imagine the pressure?!

Mark Brower
Vineyard Collection
Diana's dressmaker says secrecy may be key for Kate from Reuters gave me a laugh.
Security Measures:
  • Guards
  • Safe
  • Wrong clues
"We used to leave bits of different colored threads and things to put them on the wrong track and we had to put blinds up so that people couldn't peer through the windows, and we even had a spare dress hanging up just in case somebody did discover the secret." - Elizabeth Emanuel, Princess Dianna's dressmaker


While speaking of the royal couple, take a look at these copycats. Ha!

via Yahoo! News

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