Monday, August 29, 2011

Mad Weekend

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Finally, I'm back online! As you can see, I was prepared for Irene with the essentials. Unfortunately it looks like my neck of the woods in CT will be without power for a couple days, so I am staying in the city.

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I lost power/cable on Sunday and spent all day watching the first season of Mad Men with Ted. I got the DVDs from an office holiday gift exchange last year and it's the only season I've seen. (I had one of the last picks and stole this. Good choice, right?) We have until March 2012 to catch up on the next 3 seasons so it's plenty doable. From what I've heard, it only gets better.

I'm sure you've seen the Mad Men inspired line at Banana Republic, what do you think?

I'll take the leopard print pumps please!


  1. I've lost track of Mad Men, I need to catch good! Hope you are ok up there after mean Irene and get power back soon! So are you coming to the Keeneland blogger meet up in Oct?!

  2. i watched the first 5 or 6 episodes and then just got busy and stopped. but everytime i see it's on or read about it, i'm like ugh! i have to start watching again!

    happy irene is over! hope you get power soon!

  3. Love the leopard print pumps! I've never watched Mad Men before.

    I'm glad you're safe & sound! Hope your power returns soon.

  4. That Izzy Classic Pump is amazing!! I can already picture wearing it with so many things

  5. I am completely obsessed with Mad Men. We have been streaming it on Netflix. I can not believe I waited so long to start watching them. It's amazing what you finally "get around to" when you cancel cable :)

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  7. I love Mad Men! i think Don Draper is the most charming man in the world. So handsome and bad guy!I love the story, the style and the character!! It's amazing.
    Nice post^_^

  8. All the seasons of Mad Men are streaming on Netflix. Be careful, though--it's addicting!


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