Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekend Update: Vineyard Part 2 - Agricultural Fair

My first trip to the Fair! Teddy and I stopped by the 4-day event in West Tisbury Saturday afternoon. It wasn't too crowded and we were able to take in so much in just a couple hours. As you can see, there was lots to keep you busy.

One of the blue ribbon prize winners inside the Main Hall. Exhibits included produce, crafts, photography, painting, wood working, quilts and baked goods. I read in The Martha's Vineyard Times that over 4,000 exhibits were submitted last year for judging.

One of my favorite stops was the Fiber Tent. This animal was minding its own business before I startled it with a loud "BAHHHHH!" - then it stared me down. Eek - smile for the iPhone!

We checked out all of the food vendors before settling on splitting a serving of Super Friend Chicken for our first course. I didn't get up close and personal with any chickens so I didn't feel too bad about this.

We topped it off with strawberry shortcake. The shortcake, somewhere underneath that heaping mound of whipped cream, actually looked like a biscuit from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Before heading out we watched the last round of the clam and oyster shucking contest. Boy were they fast. Cocktail sauce was drizzled over the fresh little necks and offered first come first serve for the crowd.

So this was just a little itty bitty part of the fair. On our way home we saw a few roads blocked off by police and people along the road with cameras. I got excited hoping we might catch a glimpse of the motorcade. (That was all I was really interested in seeing, a fleet of black cars.) Turned to Twitter to learn that the Obama girls were stopping by the Fair. I'm sure they had a great time too. Anyway, looking forward to that strawberry shortcake again next year!

Update: Dress is from the love 21 line at Forever 21 - purchased a couple months ago.


  1. Your dress is super cute on you! Glad yall had fun!

  2. Yum! Strawberry shortcake is my favorite! Looks like a great day :)


  3. How much fun! My favorite fair food is a fresh corn dog. SO unhealthy, but I only get the chance once a year!

    I love your dress!

  4. May I please have your life. Your wardrobe is fabulous and you are always doing something fun!


  5. Looks like so much fun! I love going to summertime fairs... that strawberry shortcake stand is too cute! Bet it was delish :) Loving your dress, btw! Very cute.

  6. Oh this looks like so much fun and it sounds like you all had a great time! I agree your dress is just so cute! Thanks for the awesome tip on my post!

  7. Super cute dress on you! Let us know your favorite places to shop? :)

  8. First of all, your dress is cute to the maxi, haha. I crack myself up sometimes. Second, that goat had some massive antlers? Horns? Whatever! They are huge! I probably would’ve made the same noise at it, as I feel I need to beckon the attention of animals with the same noises they make…

  9. Oh strawberry of my favs...and what better place to enjoy it


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