Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Thanks

Time is flying...Halloween merchandise is lingering on the clearance shelves and Santa has been at the mall for almost 2 weeks. I can't believe it's been a month since my birthday. My friends and family gave me such beautiful, thoughtful gifts including these Lennox "Elephants of the Nile" from Danielle. I finally buckled down last night to write my overdue thank-you notes.

I found these cards recently on a Target spree. When it comes to thank-you correspondence a traditionalist would stay away from any card with "Thank You" printed in favor of a monogram or name but these days I personally don't think it matters. Do you think that "rule" is outdated?

One of my favorite etiquette authorities is Miss Janice - here is her Thank-You Notes thread with some tips!


  1. Those elephant-printed thank you notes are too perfect to have passed up! Very adorable!


  2. As long as you're sending a card, I don't think it matters! I use both :)

  3. I agree as long as you are being thoughtful enough to send a card I don't think it matters. Besides those cards are really cute!

  4. What a gorgeous gift!! and what fitting thank you cards ;)

  5. I use both as well ~ those cards are adorable!

  6. Those cards are totally fitting and adorable. I am in graphic design and I see so many things, there really aren't rules anymore.


  7. um how the heck did i miss this post. i am in love. i need these!!! Seriously, I think you were a Bama fan in a past life. Elephant lovers unite :)


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