Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pea Pod sale!

You all need to head over to Pea Pod Paper & Gifts for their relaunch - 25% off through 11/13 midnight PST. Includes monogrammed iPhone cases. Love mine!

I could go on a shopping spree...

First I need the iPad... then I would like one of these.

I think this pattern is great because it can be used year round. Plus I am partial to blue and white.

Boatman Gellar Chevron Wine Tags 8-24/$24-48 $18-$36

It's the Holiday Season! I love that these are not too "Christmassy" yet still festive.

Happy Shopping!


  1. love this! definitely gonna check out the sit, thanks for this =]

  2. Love - so cute - thanks for sharing!
    Happy shopping!

    beachside cottage

  3. This is great-thanks for sharing! Love the wine tags, they make giving a simple bottle of wine so much more personal.


  4. It's all so cute! :)

    Kentucky Priss told me I HAD TO BE following you, so now I am! haha

  5. dont forget vineyard vines friends and family! code erfehq for 25% off! only at


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