Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday: Cruisin'

Kate Spade New York for Adeline Adeline. For $1,100 get your Kate Spade signature green cruiser. And then take it for a spin around Manhattan....

After seeing the bike in action I couldn't help but laugh. Sorry, this is NOT what an experience cruisin' around the city would be like... the French music really drowns out the taxi horns. If I had a dog, it wouldn't stay put in that basket. And that box of cupcakes stacked on the back? They would be all over 5th Ave. But I'll just roll with it!

However, I am fully confident I could ride a bike in wedges (even heels). How about you? More on the cruiser and matching accessories at Kate Spade.

With that...Happy Pink and Green Thursday! As always, thanks to Trishy for hosting my favorite blog day. Click below for more. Cheers!



  1. got that email this morning! oh how i would love to own that bike (or the lilly one..i can't decide which i like better). and i love that KS designed bags that hook onto the bike!

  2. I so want that cruiser!!! AND I'll take the daisies too!!

  3. I love that bike and also fan of pink color.

    New follower :D

  4. Those wedges need to get on my feet like, yesterday.


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