Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loveknot Links

Corks for a Cause
Do you save your wine corks? I'm always impressed with homemade cork creations and hope to someday build my own. I am blown away by Anthropologie’s Earth Day Recycling Program that has utilized a few million used corks for their window displays. And I thought a coffee table would be challenging.

"The project started with a gift to Anthropologie from the CFCA (Cork Forest Conservation Alliance) and Kendall-Jackson of around 2.5 million used corks. In addition, our store teams have been collecting cork stoppers from the staff, the community, and the customers for over a month now. Through the support of so many we have collected between 4-5 million corks." - Erika Sorgule, Anthropologie Display Projects Manager

Visit Anthropologie on Facebook for more photos. I look forward to seeing the windows in person!

Preppy Critters
On preppy springtime classics, whales and dogs work but bears and cats - not so much provides insights from a few of our favorite brands on standard embroidered creatures.

"The best critter candidates are things that have a defined silhouette. A sea horse, for example, isn’t an animal with a huge passionate following, but it does really well as an embroidery because it’s instantly recognizable from its shape and it can be done in many color combinations. Whales work for the same reason — there’s really no expectation of realism." Jim Hauptman, L.L. Bean Director of Design

“We find if we put a fish — on khaki shorts with the simple outline of a navy fish — most guys will wear it. You can get those people a little less likely to wear a critter to wear it if you don’t color it so brightly, but the guy who is a ‘total prep’ wants it pink and green.” - Shep Murray, Vineyard Vines Co-Founder

I recently featured the gator. Are you partial to a particular critter?

Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. I recently saw a great side table made out of wine corks {well the top was!}! Super fun idea!!!

  2. Whoa I'm so in love with that cork art at Anthro! Their creativity is just insane.

  3. I was at anthro yesterday and the corks were so cute!


  4. I saw your comment on my blog about the elephany salad servers. Funny, I want the matching salad bowl! How much was it? Good luck finding the matching servers! Great taste, hee! hee! ;)

  5. I am always looking for something cool to do with corks - this coffee table idea sounds cool! Do share!

  6. YOUR BLOG IS SO BEAUTIFUL : i read it with a great pleasure , i become right now a follower , thanks from the overseas.

  7. I LOVE BOTH OF YOUR BLOG ! So fresh!

  8. Thanks for blogging about my giveaway! Good luck!


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