Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hoping that you all may be able to help me out. My friend is desperately looking to get a hold of this Lilly Pulitzer dress for his girlfriend after she was outbid on eBay. (What a great boyfriend!)

I learned about the Re-Lilly Group from What Misses Loves last month so that is the first place I went to look. Do you have any other suggestions? Or even know what year this pattern was? That might help me justify how difficult a mission this is. I told him if I found it I would keep it for myself... (kind of) just kidding. Looking for a size 0. He's even offering a reward!

While searching I found this bag on Etsy - so cute!

P.S. You must check out this Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2011 post I just came across on Spoonful of Sugar. You will love! :)


  1. It's called Main Course :) Good luck talking to Jack at Lilly!

  2. Good luck finding that dress! That is adorable!!

  3. I had not idea about re-Lilly! I hope you two find it! What a boyfriend!

  4. RE-LILLY? I'm in HEAVEN! Thanks for sharing. And if that boyfriend has a twin or an older brother, send him my way. Any man who has an appreciation for a girls deep love for Lilly is a man I want to spend life with. HAHA.

  5. I just came across your blog, Thank you so much for mentioning Re-Lilly! Did you find your dress? If you haven't already try putting a "In Search Of Post" on Re-Lilly, sometimes members are willing to part with Lilly items in their closets :-)


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