Monday, June 27, 2011

Floral Forever Find

Hope you had a great weekend! I picked up this floral top on a quick Forever 21 run on my lunch break Friday. The store in Times Square is 4 floors and can be overwhelming but the pretty pattern and little covered buttons caught my eye.

Reminds me of the many beautiful flowers cascading over picket fences along the streets of Edgartown on the Vineyard.

Here's on of my snapshots while walking to town during my visit over Memorial Day. Who doesn't love a scenic stroll?!


  1. Great find at F21. I seriously never find anything there but you inspired me to try yet again... :)

  2. Love this! Flowy and floral..perfect for summer! I agree that Forever 21 can be overwhelming sometimes!! I have to be in a certain mood to find anything in there.

  3. I love white fences with beautiful flowers growing over them :0)

  4. Hi-am your newest follower!

    That photo is one of the reasons we all love the Vineyard and Nantucket!

    Happy Fourth of July!


  5. Great find! I'm loving sheer fabrics... so perfect for summer.

  6. Loving this look right now. I MISS YOU FRIEND
    SAD FACE insert here :(

    and can I just say I would be a MESS trying to decide on clothes and what to try on if I had a Forever that was 4 floors!!

  7. Great forever21 find! Love your blog!


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