Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Fancies

Happy Friday! Linking up with {av} for Friday's Fancies to dream up an outfit for my night out this weekend at the Jersey shore. Inspired by one of the hot spots you may have seen on MTV... Bamboo!

"Friday's Fancies" Polyvore

I actually picked out the jewelry first... then thought of the club. I guess that is where my subconscious is telling me to go out. Not exactly my scene... but always a good time!

I will take everything from the John Hardy Bamboo Collection. Love love love!

Had to throw in this little guy. Pandas are my fav. Visit {long distance loving} for more Friday's Fancies and vote for your favorite. Have a great weekend!



  1. I was gonna say, didn't take you for being a Bamboo going gal! know the cast is back from Italy, you might run into them.

  2. Love that grey dress! Have a good weekend.

  3. I love this outfit! The dress/heels combo is perfect! I also love discovering new blogs through FF :) Happy weekend!!

  4. What a spunky dress. All classy in the front and a little rough-around-the-edges in the back.

  5. Love the style of that dress! and the heels to go with it!

  6. Oh, I love that bamboo coil bracelet!

  7. I'm kind of in love with that dress:) Hope you had a super weekend.


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