Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Loving...

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Loving my Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry with Ted. Here we are at my house, Yankee Stadium, last week. He was brave enough to wear his Boston hat in the bleacher section. I have been heckled worse at Fenway. Unfortunately there was a rain delay and we left after waiting 2 hours. The Yanks are a couple games behind so time for me to step in and cheer some more. GO YANKEEEESSSSSS!!

Loving my new white iPhone! I couldn't wait any longer. I still have a Blackberry for work and am trying to juggle both devices. Would love to hear your app suggestions... beyond the basics I have downloaded a bunch.
  • WhatsApp
  • Pandora
  • ESPN ScoreCenter
  • People Celeb News - Cape Cod Collegiate recently talked up this "gem" and I agree it's $1.99 well spent.
  • PopSugar
  • Instragram
  • Hipstamatic
  • Words with Friends - I don't particularly like to play games but am willing to try this due to popularity.
  • HeyTell - Similar to push to talk. My friend Amanda is obsessed with it and swears it will be the next big thing. Loving it!
  • MyFitnessPal - Writing down everything you eat is eye opening. I am a fan of the website so happy I can finally use the app.
  • Nike Training Club - My friend said this will kick your butt. Have you given any workouts a try?
  • Tell me more!!

I've been really lazy downloading music and charging my iPod this year. Problem solved now with iPhone. I always used LimeWire and since that's a thing of the past I have now finally succumbed to purchasing from iTunes. I love love love the latest Jason Aldean album and "Dirt Road Anthem Remix" with Ludacris. If I like a song I will listen to it on repeat for hours... just ask my college roommate.

Vera Bradley Garment Bag and Large Duffel and in Night and Day

You can't go wrong with this travel combo! This Vera Bradley luggage set belongs to my friend Kate. I loved the garment bag, and after she raved about hers I had to get one too. I was lucky to snag one on sale in Calypso, a navy blue pattern, while I was on the Vineyard. I didn't mind that my duffel didn't match but the current Vera Bradley sale quickly changed my mind. Set complete.

Hope you are all having a good week. Counting down for the weekend yet?



  1. I love the picture of you and your man -- you look fabs in a baseball hat!!

  2. I too adore a great garmet bag. I just scored a Lilly one that is adorable for my summering! Presentation is everything.

    Mrs. Kindergarten


  4. I loveeee Dirt Road Anthem! and them two together is AM-A-ZING!!!

  5. Love your background on your phone! My fiance is in love with Dirt Road Anthem too. That garment bag is the best for weekend trips!

  6. How did you get that background on your phone?

  7. I love the Dirt Road Anthem remix!

    Add my on myfitnesspal. I'm blondeublonde.

    I also like Hanging With Friends.

  8. You need to share the Jason/Luda song with me! I have such a Ludacris obsession.... and love Jason's My Kinda Party.

  9. Dale and I have the biggest Yankees & Red Sox rivalry going on too..We need the Yanks to pick it up. I will have to get a pic of us in our hats too! Also Love me some Vera!!!!!! I need this set!

  10. I love the SoundHound app (for telling you what song is playing) and Find my iPhone (in case you need to find it if it's lost/wipe it if it's stolen)

  11. your comment seriously made my day :-) thanks so much!!!!

    i am dyinggg for a white iphone. i have a blackberry that is dying and since i am moving, i was going to get a white iphone and transfer it over in europe, but apparently the verizon ones are not global capable (but the at&t ones are PFFFT). at this point ill just settle for a phone that is working :-) have a great wednesday!

  12. Hey girl, Such a cute picture of you and your bf!
    Have a great week : )

  13. I can't believe you make a inter-team relationship work! haha I tried to date a Red Sox fan once, but my animosity got the better of me. Luckily, my boyfriend of 5 years is a rare breed: from New England AND a Yankees fan!

  14. I love the garment bag too.
    I love using Urbanspoon

  15. I have My Fitness Pal .. Terrifying to record EVERYTHING that you eat! haha! But keeps me on track! :)
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  16. Love Jason Aldean--I haven't heard the version with Ludacris yet though...

  17. Love the Yankees! Great picture :)

    My Vera's go everywhere with me. They're the best for traveling!

  18. I love the background on you iphone. I have the same one on my laptop! Dirt Road Anthem is such a good song and the remix with Ludacris is even better! I am the same way and will replay a song I like a million times. That luggage combo seems perfect for traveling.

  19. Loving the picture of you and your man! Also love the background on your iphone!



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