Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving...

Summer nights! The sun never sets when you're cool...just playing. Here I am with my friend Kate on the Vineyard over MDW. I love wearing a whale hat to hide my bangs on a humid night! (My hair has a tendency to morph into a mullet-like do in the summer.) More on this awesome What's Up Martha and Vineyard Vines event to come.

Bachelorette! I would be lying to say I'm not loving all the drama surrounding this season's villain, Bentley Williams. Here is his shocking departure scene. Could he say "like" anymore? This jerk better be on "The Men Tell All" episode. Maybe he'll even, like, apologize, like, to Ashley. Are you addicted too? I have been reading spoilers from Reality Steve for a few seasons now...and still don't miss a minute. Wait that's a lie - I did a lot of FFW'ing last year while Brad Womack was blabbing on and on. Even though the spoiler's aren't always right I still like knowing what to expect and analyzing how ABC edits the show. I'm not allowed to partake in Bachelorette convos with some of my friends because they think I'll give it away.

Anyway... I learned that Bentley's ex-wife has a blog, Life with Cozette, with several photos of her and Bentley and also has a children's hair accessory line called Cozette Couture on Etsy. (For those that don't watch the show Cozette, also known as Cozy, is their daughter.) She showcases her pieces with amazing photography. Judging by some comments left on her page some people out there think she's exploiting their daughter and wrongfully capitalizing on Bentley's 15 minutes of reality show fame. I see she's been on Etsy since last year, good for her I say. Love it!

Sadly I've never been to a Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale, which happens to be this week in PA. I plan to make that pilgrimage at some point, maybe in the fall. I was happy to find out Lilly will be back on Rue La La this Friday so the rest of us can score a deal. I just hope I don't see anything I already bought for a better price, don't you hate that?! Preppy Plates will also be on sale - I know many of you out there are fans. If you aren't a member, join now. I promise you will love it. Beware of the "QUICK! BUY IT." button.

Finally, I am LOVING all my followers! I appreciate all of your sweet comments and feedback. You're the best!



  1. I'm loving your vv whale hats.....people always wear those on green beer day at school for some reason. And I have a feeling lilly is going to be crraazzyyy on ruelala on friday as usual - I better camp out next to my comuter!

  2. You may NOT discuss the bachelorette with me this season...

  3. hahahaha I love that you did all that digging on Bentley's wife and found some dirt! I heart the Bachelor/Bachelorette. If only because for two hours of my week I can focus on someone else's boy drama otherrrr than my own :-)

  4. I follow Reality Steve too!! Sperry is going to be on Ruelala on Thurs also.. They're trying to empty my bank account, I think. Cute post :) -e

  5. omg. i love the bachelor/ette. cannot miss an episode. it's my guilty pleasure. and Bentley...oh my.

  6. Oh my word love your VV whale hats so cute!!! I live in PA but i`m over six hours away from the warehouse sale. It's awful to live so close, but so far away. I really want to go however the boy told me that I could either go there or we could FINALLY go to Martha's Vineyard this summer. I picked Martha's Vineyard!


  7. Haha I love how deeply you looked into Bentleys life. A girl after my own heart doing such intense creeping :)

    But thanks so much for the store suggestion! I live in Osterville, but if I ever get up there I'll totally check it out!

    Have a lovely wednesday!

  8. Stopping by from WILW. Love what you had to say about The Bachelorette. But of course I must check out his ex's blog. :) Thanks for sharing.

  9. I'm a new follower! Love your blog!

    I love The Bachelorette! I can't get over Bentley! You are so right! I love your intense detective work there!

    Happy Wednesday!

    A Little Bit of This & That

  10. i am loooving the bachelorette too! i havent checked reality steve because I am afraid I will see the winner and don't want to spoil it, although normally I check and don't mind. Your mdw looks like a blast!
    xo, kmw

  11. Those VV whale hats are so awesome! My hair does some crazy things during the summer too. All the humidity where I live sucks!

    Come link up tomorrow with Thankful Thursday and let us know what you're thankful for!

  12. Great post! I love everything! I try to hide my bangs in humid weather too- hats & scarves galore in Florida :)

  13. I just watched Bentley's dramatic departure {I know...I'm behind!} and think his is such a jerk! Definitely intrigued to check out his ex-wife's blog...very interesting!

  14. WHO. IS. that girl on the left {MY LEFT} with the pink whale on her head? Dayyyyyyum. Only blonde girl I KNOW who can work a whale....ok, this is getting inappopriate.

    Ugggggghhh I JUST put myself on a BUDGET {the REAL one this time} and cannot even PEEP at RUELALA tomorrow....don't let me. Oh thats right you broke up with me so how could you remind me? Now I am getting ugly {southern translation: mean all up on your blog}

    Love you d'haling!!

    PPS- Ralphie comes in 2 FREAK. ING. DAYS!!

    PSSSSISSS-I-hump back hump back I: why didn't I just write this all in an email?


  15. I just don't understand Bentley! Why didn't he just say the truth? I would say to spare Ashley's feelings but he's a jerk and doesn't seem to care anyway. So weird!

  16. You and your friend look adorable in the first pic.

    I have to admit this season of the Bachelorette is not leaving room for a drama free zone. lol I cannot wait for the new one to come on.

    Thanks for sharing B's ex wife's blog I will be checking it out lol.


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