Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lindsay and Teddy

Finally the main New Orleans event, Lindsay and Teddy's wedding! The couple's engagement photos were taken in New York City where they currently live. This snapshot was one of my favorites.

Here I am with the Lehigh girls in the lobby at the Omni on the big day. Although we are all in the NYC area, it was so great to spend time together on this trip.

With my Teddy outside of the St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. I loved his new pink Vineyard Vines tie with blue cocktail shakers. The other Teddy gave the groomsmen VV ties of their favorite NFL team for the rehearsal dinner. Great idea!

My pictures don't do the ceremony justice, but you can tell that it was amazing. I loved Lindsay's long veil - her Maid of Honor was busy tending to it.

Following NOLA tradition, after the "I do's" we joined in a procession back to the Omni led by a brass and drum band followed by Lindsay and Teddy carrying embellished umbrellas. Guests were given bubbles to blow and handkerchiefs to wave on the way out of the church. Tourists lined the streets and cheered for the newlyweds all the way back to the reception.

Lindsay looked beautiful. I wish you could see her sapphire and diamond earrings, a something blue tribute to Princess Diana. Another sparkling detail - on the sole of each shoe was a Swarovski Crystal fleur-de-lis.

And that covers my trip to The Big Easy. You can be assured there was also plenty of fun on Bourbon Street. We were out all night until our early morning flight. From one Lindsay and Teddy to another, congratulations! So happy we could be with you for your NOLA nuptials.

Engagement photo by Daniel Krieger Photography


  1. What a cool wedding!! Congrats to your friends! Great pics!

  2. Wow that looks like a blast! Great touches!

    We have friends that are also a couple with our same first and middle names. Crazy!

  3. Couple things:
    1) Lindsay's family's got some bucks, eh?
    2) Love the procession thru the streets with the umbrella's ella ella ella!
    3) Super freaking ironic that you and Ted were at Teddy and Lindsay's wedding? Kinda coincidental on the name route, right? I mean, Lindsay's common, but I don't know if Ted's that common.
    4) Monogram? So fun!!

  4. Love the picture of you and Teddy standing in front of the cathedral! And I also love the VV tie selection!

  5. WOW! what a wedding. I have a similarly extravagant one next weekend...I feel like this is the year of one upping the royals haha.
    I loved the pictures from your trip, it looks like so much fun :)

  6. This is such an awesome wedding! I can't beleive the wedding party and guests walked through the streets of New Orelans with music playing. That is crazy!!

  7. There you are with that wicker clutch again! I love it! so jealous and it looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time! xx

  8. Beautiful wedding!! I can't imagine how gorgeous it was in person!

    You look so pretty in every picture! I also love the VV tie idea. Looks like you had a great time. (:

  9. Thanks for the wonderful post, Lindsay! I love all of the pics you put up and am glad you had a great time! Also as a side note, our Teddy's are both Edward's as well AND have the same last initial! Wish we could do it all again :) :) :)

  10. Such a pretty wedding!!! Looks like you all had a blast! :)


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