Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Barbie!

via Barbie Collector
If it weren't for the boyfriend I may have forgotten about an important birthday today. I just made it, with a minute to spare. Barbie, you're looking good at 50!

Ted: How could you not blog about Barbie's birthday?
Lindsay: How did you know that?
Ted: I have my sources...

His source is Barstool Sports (a guy-centric Boston blog) and their Barbie post is disturbing. Whatever, at least I was informed. 

My First Barbie (and heels)
My mom wasn't exactly pleased when my grandmother gave this to me... the floodgates were open.

What followed for years...



  1. happy bday Barbie! ha! A lady I work with collects Barbies and spends sooo much $ and time searching for mint condition, limited edition ones. I thought about starting that collection...but quickly reconsidered. It would bankrupt me...

  2. Oh my gosh, I was obsessed with Barbies too! I remember I always tried to take such good care of them but my sister would always tear their heads off.

  3. I was a Barbie fiend when I was little, I had soo many! It makes me really sad that a lot of kids today don't find her as fun. Damn electronics!!


  4. Oh my goodness, this post made me smile! I loved Barbies so much, but I always ended up losing their high-heels, it drove me crazy when I was little. Happy Birthday to B!


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