Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Put Some South in Yo' Mouth"

Hope you are all off to a good week. I am one happy girl - my Huskies won the Big East title over the weekend! A great way to kick off March Madness. Last Friday night Teddy and I went to Brother Jimmy's in Union Square for some good ol' BBQ and to watch the semi-final game, Connecticut vs. Syracuse. This Manhattan chain is known for being crowded, loud and a little "fratty" and that for me is the perfect atmosphere to watch a big game.

My favorite part of the menu is the beginnings....

I can't pass up an order of "Frickles" - fried dill pickles!

"People are going to think you are a tourist."

Let them think whatever they want, Teddy. That pulled pork smothered in sauce is a key element of this recap. Yum, it never disappoints!

I used to frequent the Brother Jimmy's in Murray Hill for drinks when I lived in the city after college - a popular "go to" in the area. To this day there is always a good chance I'll run into someone I know there. I have since expanded my horizons, but still think it's a great place to bring someone from out-of-town. Here I am with my friend Allie when she traveled down from Boston over the winter.

Time to stop dreaming of BBQ and get to work on my tourny bracket. Cheers!



  1. Yum, BBQ! I'll have to check this place out next time I'm in the city. Goooo Huskies!

  2. Looks good! Your title, "South in your mouth" caught my eye. That is kind of a saying for the University of South Alabama football team... Shortened to SIYM because administration thought saying south in your mouth as an athletic slogan was a little racey... haha

  3. it looks like you had a good weekend! i actually picked your huskies to get pretty far in the tournament so i hope they do not dissapoint!

    love some bbq girl :-)

    have a great week!

  4. LOVE Brother Jimmy's! So funny that you posted about this, too, because my best friend and I were just talking about this place last night!! Apparently a certain Madison Hedgecock (Giants fullback) is also a fan. Good for watching sports and spotting professional atheletes, I guess :)

  5. oh girl, you had me sold at bbq. i loooove anything involving barbeque. and of course fried pickles.


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