Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lindsay's Shower

A few weekends ago I went to a beautiful shower for my friend Lindsay at the Grain House in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Here we are with the bride, holding her rehearsal bouquet of ribbons from the shower gifts.

We all cheered together back at Lehigh. Lin was also my sorority big sis. Fun fact - we both held the position of New Member Educator during our Greek days. So many great memories with Lin!

One of my favorite details of the shower was this special little bottle we each brought home. Lindsay is a fragrance chemist in Manhattan and has formulated top designer scents found at your favorite stores along Fifth Avenue. You can imagine how excited we were to find a perfume personalized for the shower at each place setting.  (I especially luck out since I share my name with the bride!)

Lindsay and her fiancée Teddy will be married this May in New Orleans. (If you didn't know, my boyfriend's name is Teddy. Ha!) We are all counting down to the big day.



  1. I love the perfume labels. What a neat, personalized touch and how crazy is that about the name coincidence!

  2. I love that perfume bottle! I've never seen that done before- so cute!

  3. that is such a clever idea for a bridal party gift!!


  4. What a great shower gift slash what an amazing job she has!!!

    My bestie's bf and my bf have the same name -- can I just say, it's SO confusing trying to discuss them! :)


  5. WOW, how ironic that you all have the same names!! And how amazing does her shower look... so sweet! Have fun in New Orleans -- man how I love that city!!!

  6. Beautiful party and pics!


  7. I love the cheerleading picture! How cute. Fragrance is such a good gift idea. Looks like you had a blast! Have a great tuesday!!

  8. Well, you defintely have a lot in common with her. How funny!? Looks like a nice shower, fun times! I am so excited for all the Final Four frensy here in Houston this weekend!!!!

  9. What a great idea for a party favor! too too cute!

  10. I love the perfume shower favors! That's such a great, personalized idea!!


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