Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cheese Please!

My favorite comfort food is hands down mac 'n' cheese. Ted and I went to S'Mac in the East Village Thursday night. We had the 4 Cheese (cheddar, muenster, gruyere and a touch of pecorino) and Buffalo Chicken (cheddar & american cheeses with boneless chicken pieces and buffalo wing sauce) topped with blue cheese. I'm still full.

Likes: Hello, cheese! Just enough gooeyness. The Buffalo Chicken was really spicy, I was in heaven.
Dislikes: The eatery is really small and I had to "stalk" a table, which stresses me out. They were cleaning the metal forks and I had to settle for plastic. Is it wrong that made me mad?!

If only I could cook...

Favorite comfort food?



  1. it's my all time favorite food! that looks delicious!

  2. Looks sooo good! Cheese has to be my favorite 'food group.'
    P.S. Not cool that they didn't have real silverware for you..and stalking tables is super stressful a la Mama Nina's or Sal's

  3. As you know, I no likey cheese but if I did - that does look pretty appetizing haha. I cannot cook either child, I think it is our generation, at least that is what I am blaming it on! hehe; that and Britney Spears.

  4. just came across your blog :) its sooo cue! you have some really good insight on your posts! xoxo cant wait to read more of what you write!

  5. I HATE stalking tables, it actually makes me not want to eat places that you have to do that.

    The buffalo mac and cheese sounds to die for!

    My favorite comfort food is a nice cheeseburger and fries. Yum!

  6. those cupcakes are hyster! Love mac and cheese

  7. Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese is amaaazing! I've had it at Gingerman in

  8. Love macaroni and cheese.
    I always make it home~made when we are at the beach. One of my besties BEGS for it! I love cookin' up a storm in both of my kitchens.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  9. Mac N Cheese, one of my favorite comfort foods too! Ecspecially homemade, yum! Those "Cupcakes" look delicious!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  10. I love S'Mac. Did you know they deliver? Learning that was not such a good thing for my wallet

  11. I do love mac and cheese, and cupcakes so combining the two has got to be heavenly!


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