Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Through pink-and green-colored glasses"

Through pink-and green-colored glasses is a recent article I came across from the University of Virginia's student newspaper that examines their oh so preppy reputation. The main point was quite the revelation -  not everyone at UVA is preppy. "If you look for it [though], you will find it." Hmm.... ok?!

The article brought back my memories of my one and only visit to UVA. During my senior year at Lehigh I traveled to Charlottesville with my "roomie" Sara to attend the Foxfield Race. Never in my life have I seen more madras. A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

For those not familiar with this steeplechase race:
Wikipedia - Foxfield Races - UVA Tradition
The Foxfield Races are a longstanding University of Virginia tradition. Some chide the event as the pinnacle representation of the upper middle class nature of UVA’s student demographic. Students use Race Day as an excuse to break out their “preppiest” attire. There is an abundance of pastel colors, Lilly Pulitzer patterns, and large sun hats. Girls are found wearing sundresses and many boys don a colorful bowtie for the occasion.

This year's spring race is on April 30th - more info here. Wish I could be there!



  1. I love the picture you chose from Fox Fields...especially with the girl vomming in the background. What a wonderful day!

  2. Cue the Twilight Zone music, I wrote about this article in today's post!

    Sending you a smile,

  3. This just came up under "You might also like.." and I was thrilled to see it was about an article from the Cav Daily and about Foxfield! Yes, there definitely are lots of people at UVA that are not preppy, but I guarantee anywhere you are on grounds, you will see preppy people! And ahhh, Foxfield, it's coming up next weekend on the 30th and I'm so excited! Bring on the Lilly, seersucker, and madras!


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