Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello Bling

Prepping for the upcoming holiday? Make your Valentine's Day cards bling! These are a few of the cards my mother has given me in the past couple of years - she adds a sparkly touch by strategically adhering rhinestones. (Yes, I love Hello Kitty and that's a topic in itself.) An easy way to upgrade and personalize your greeting.

Speaking of bling... I can thank the blogosphere for my addiction to JOJO Loves You jewelry. My collection is growing fast! When I first read about these studs online last year I made it my mission to find them when visiting Boston. I think my friends and I spent at least 30 minutes debating what to get. It's hard when you are faced with them all in person.

The one and only Bling Earrings are hand crafted in JoJo's studio in Boston, MA. Vintage Swarovski crystals are handset in sterling silver posts and then packaged on their hand-punched pink hearts and placed in their signature round silver tins.

My most worn are the versatile Butter Yellow Bling. I can't wait to see what JOJO has in store for spring.

JOJO Butter Yellow Bling

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Have a sparkling day!


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  1. SUPER SUPER cute earrings!! I have an obsession with Hello Kitty too!! It stems from when I was little!!


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