Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekend Update

Happy Hump Day! I'm tardy with the weekend update, Sunday's festivities threw me off. Last Friday night Teddy and I went to Parlor Steakhouse on the Upper East Side to take advantage of NYC Restaurant Week.

Who says New Yorkers wear all black? By the way that is an oversized clutch and not a laptop bag, please don't be fooled. (Is it silly I was excited to see this very bag featured in Lauren Conrad Style?)

Dinner was good, nothing spectacular but nothing to complain about either. I had the surf n' Ted choose the turf. The highlight of the meal was Ted's appetizer - Marinated Salmon Tartare with avocado, red onion, cilantro and soy-wasabi dressing. It was gone before I could document.

Shallot Crusted Salmon

I have been taking pictures of my plates long before blogging, which Ted always thought was strange. Perhaps it is but at least now these photos have a home. Moving on...

1020 Madison Avenue
Despite Saturday's rain, I made another trip to the UES to pick up part of my Kappa Prep Pink Swap gift from Lilly Pulitzer. The colorful flagship store was uplifting on an otherwise depressing day. Stereotypes were omnipresent, I couldn't help but take note:
  • Duffy picking up her dress on hold.
  • "Now picture the bridesmaid bouquets Daddy - which dress do you like better?"
  • Young daughter didn't care about the clothes her mother picked out for Florida, she hadn't eaten enough at brunch and was now hungry.
  • "Yes, our store store is always busy. We get a lot of visitors from the South."

This is the mousepad I bought to include in my swap gift - pink enough? My gift is just about ready to ship, details next week. I can't give it all away!

From Lilly I headed over to Bloomies to browse and couldn't resist a treat from Dylan's Candy Bar across the street. I was there just in time, they were about to close for a movie shoot. Why do I always see the trailers and equipment but never the action?

Well we are now officially halfway to the weekend, yay!



  1. 1. Your outfit was fabo!
    2. Love the bag and NO it is not silly to shreeeeek when you see it in LC's STYLE. I would have done the same.
    3. This is so funny because if Mike and I were to go to a surf 'n' turf I would most likely get the surf as well and Mike a big steak.
    4. Tee Totally jealous of the Pink Swap!!
    Maybe I will catch the Easter Basket Swap!!!!!

  2. I'm coming to New York next month. So excited! I can't wait to visit Lilly! Love that store.


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