Friday, February 4, 2011

Loveknot Links

Some noteworthy links from the week in case you missed....

Prep World
Designer Tommy Hilfiger and author Lisa Birnbach announced the launch of Prep World this week, a 60-piece capsule collection that will debut in April with "drop in-shops" and events with the collaborators. The story broke on WWD Tuesday and I had to be patient for someone with a subscription to reveal the details.  The Preppy Princess came to rescue - see her post for coverage including additional links and photos. (This one will be there for the New York stop! Ms. Birnbach is one of the "midwives" of Vineyard Loveknots.)


High Gloss
Get me an iPad! Last week we were introduced (love at first sight) to the digital mag Matchbook, this week brings us High Gloss. The later is causing a bit of a sensory overload, but I look forward to "paging" through.

Shelter Pop asked founder and editor-in-chief Paloma Contreas how the content in High Gloss differs from fellow online mags LonnyRue and Matchbook:
"All of the magazines you named have very defined styles and all fit into their own niches. Our style is glamorous and eclectic, and I think you'll notice the Southern and West Coast roots of most of our editors are also a big influence. Rather than focusing mainly on interiors, we'll also have features rooted in fashion, travel and entertaining. We will also have some celebrity features from time to time. We worked on a feature with Chelsea Handler for this issue and two of our team members, Shannon Wollack and Ashley Steen, are designing Chelsea's new home, which we will feature in a future issue."

Reality TV
Bravo announced the next season of the Real Housewives franchise will star a new cast from Miami and Real Housewives of New York has been pushed back to the spring. Sneak peak at E! Online. Wahhhh I was looking forward to New York! 

PSA - Don't Touch My $h*t
A special message for roommates everywhere from Leighton Meester. Miss Blair Waldorf would be livid if you touched her $h*t. But she wouldn't cuss like this, I'm shocked!

I had a single my freshman year so I didn't have to worry about a stranger touching my $h*t. I can say living in a sorority with 40 women for 2 years I did witness some sisters touching other sister's $h*t drama. I lucked out with my roomie!

Giveaways (fingers crossed!)


  1. Thanks for posting about my giveaway! I have been looking for some new prepster outfits lately but no luck.


  2. Thanks for sharing! Very interesting finds. Have a wonderful weekend!

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